Bars And Melody Britains Got Talent

Today’s Playlist starts with the teens who wowed Britain’s Got Talent: Bars & Melody (“Hopeful”), complete with the hilariously bad U.K. dance moves.  A new music video (“Tell The World”) from Eric Hutchinson.  Hutchinson performed Friday Night at Joliet’s Silver Cross Field.  Then check out Twin Peaks (“I Found A Way”), & Raury (“Cigarette Song”)


James Duke Mason

Some interesting POV videos found on the internets recently:

  • Technology IS driving us to the unemployment line.
  • We’re fracking the earth to it’s death, yet energy prices continue to rise…the answer is simple.
  • When males take a women studies course.
  • James Duke Mason, the very bright son of Belinda Carlisle, announces his run for political office.